Monday, July 12, 2010

Now With More Ennie Cred

So many things to discuss:

First off the Fey Folio recieved two Ennie nominations – or real close, I got honorable mentions, which, in my humble interpretation, means that the Fey Folio was the 6th best e-book and the 6th best monster manual-type book. Hell, in the latter category, the Fey Folio was selected  in with the likes of the awesome Pathfinder Bestiary, etc. My thanks to the judges.

Ok, I’ll stop blowing my horn, but I am fairly proud of that work. Check it out on the cheap at RPGNow.

Second thing on the agenda: If you are reading this blog, I am guessing you have some level of interest in the D&D, the dungeons and the dragons, if you will. So why not play?

How does Wednesday nights, from 6-10:30 Eastern time sound? Pathfinder? Skype + Gametable? I’ve got a ranger, witch, and bard lined up, . . . what class do you want to play? Check here if interested.

Thirdly, yes that is a new blog. I’m trying some different stuff out there, stuff that avoids discussing 4e, which will more often than not be the focus of this blog. If you Pathfinder is your thing, I really think you may dig on that blog.


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