Monday, July 5, 2010

Finding the Path to PCGen

Going a bit old school today. Well, not really I guess – I’m just talking Pathfinder.

At heart I’m a gaming schizo.

Love 4e, and enjoying the heck out of my campaign currently.

Love Pathfinder, and will be running an online game soon.

Developing a strong interest in Wyatt’s NAA D6 project and Savage Worlds . . . want to test them.

Have Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition sitting on my shelf in that big glorious box just staring me down.

Eagerly awaiting Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition.

Been fidgeting with my own design.

Yes the list above is a testament to my inability to remain focused on any one gaming system for more than a minute or two.

However, I’m lately on a Pathfinder kick (good thing too, as I’ve been given the opportunity for a large 3rd party freelance project within the system). I just wanted to post this short blurb to send Pathfinder gamers to check out PCGen.

PCGen is free software that, get this, generates PCs (or NPCs). I’ve been fiddling with the newest version for a bit now, and let me say it ROCKS! It has access to the Pathfinder rules, and I suggest you grab it. Most of you probably already are aware of the system, but I thought it deserved a mention.

Tomorrow back to the rules tweaks.

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