Forged Scripts

Writing Credits:

RPG E-Books:
- Nevermet Press, "Portrait of a Villain: The Desire" (4e)
- Alluria Publishing, "Fey Folio: The Unseelie Court" (4e)

RPG Articles:
- Kobold Quarterly, King of the Monsters "Wendigo" (4e)
- Kobold Quarterly, Friday Funny "Carbuncle" (4e)
- Kobold Quarterly, Monday Monster "Deathshade Wisp" (4e)
- Kobold Quarterly, Monday Monster "Reapervast and Gearlings" (4e)
                               - Part II "Defeating the Reapervast" (4e)
- Nevermet Press, "Items of the Hidden Kingdom" (System Neutral)
- Nevermet Press, "Lithos: City of Shared Reverie" (System Neutral)
- Nevermet Press, "The Closing Chapter" (System Neutral)
- Nevermet Press, "Brotherhood of Infinite Nights" (System Neutral)
- Kobold Quarterly #7, "Tools of the Trade" (3.5)

- Nevermet Press, "Changing Directives" (Short Story)

- Genesis (Lit Mag), Spring '08 - "Metallurgy & Magnetism"
- Genesis (Lit Mag), Fall '08 - "Lens" & "Parking Lots and Back Roads"