Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rules Tweak #3 - Stunting

Back with the rules tweaks. Make sure to check out the previous ones or today’s post may lose you.

Today, I’m continuing on with ways a player may spend their Fate Points.

Let’s take a second here to acknowledge that this idea is really not mine, it is Ryven Cedrylle’s. Check him out at the At-Will blog, his twitter account, and on the Power Source Podcast (more on this tomorrow).

So let’s just jump in, shall we:

For 1 Fate Point a character may stunt a power. These power stunts allow a single power to be used in a unique manner in addition to their normal usage. Our cleric from last time, Gordian, normally uses gaze of defiance as an attack power, he wants to use it in this encounter to also add bonuses to his ability to demoralize a foe with the intimidate power. This bonus should be higher than the normal +2 he could make, but can be left up to the DM. Regardless of the bonus, until the end of the encounter, Gordian may use gaze of defiance as normal, or may use it to instigate an intimidate check.

In Ryven’s example, he gives an assassin using executioner’s noose to swing around like Spider-man. You can see there are quite a few ways to use this power.

Next time will get into some rules that have less to do with characters and more to do with environment and combat.

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