Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hear Me!

Another short blog post today –

I had the pleasure of being on the Power Source Podcast recently. We discussed a lot of things, an in-depth discussion of the Fey Folio, notwithstanding. I highly recommend you check it out.

(Sometimes my voice fades a bit, but not often. Let me stress that was my fault . . . I was a podcast virgin. I was clumsy.)

But aside from self-promotion, let me give you a few solid reasons you should check out the Power Source:

1) Talking about 4e by people who play 4e, and sometimes have written for 4e. The host, Jared Glenn, has written for Dragon Magazine and has published some really sweet 3rd party stuff for 4e. However, Jared like’s to bring in a lot of cohosts, some of which are well-known to the gaming community for their efforts outside of publishing (Chatty DM, Jeff Greiner) and then those who are better known for their written work (Dave Noonan).

2) A very in-depth discussion of recent releases by WotC with an emphasis on DDI articles. This discussion of WotC’s digital content fills a fairly large hole in the podcast world, and, in my estimation is one of the two best things about the podcast.

3) It is community driven. Questions are asked by the community and answered on the podcast.

4) Campaign Advice. Each month the Power Source focuses on a different type of campaign and discusses adventures, heroes, villains, and arcs for each.

5) The other top two thing – the community-added bumpers at the end of the show. It was here I first heard Aberrant Rules, a great collection of houserules.

Anyways, the podcast is fun, quirky, and while they can go on in length they do so because of the enjoyment people get from discussing the game.

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