Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Campaign Spark - A Blue Dragon Egg

So way back when before Paizo started running their RPG Superstar contest, they ran a one-time deal: pitch us an adventure outline based on a few things (town named Azurestone, wilderness adventure, etc).

I was fortunate enough to be one of the ten finalists out of little more than a 150 contestants.

The reward? Write a full blown adventure proposal.

I ultimately lost out to David Schwartz’s piece: the well-written Flight of the Red Raven (this was the title of the piece regardless the winner).

These past few days I’ve been cleaning up some files on the ol’ computer and came across my adventure outline. I liked what I wrote, though I also see some of the inherent failings. Ultimately I had a good idea that I didn’t live up to in the plotting of the piece. I went way too heavy in combat encounters for a 32 page module.

Running parallel to this urge to clean the files on my computer has been an urge to start crafting a 4e campaign for when my current Pathfinder campaign ends.

Why not merge the two together?

While I’ve lost the adventure pitch for this piece, I’ll put a summary here and expand throughout the course of this blog. Kind of a behind the scenes of prepping a campaign.

Let me stress that this adventure idea is just that – an adventure. It may lead into the campaign arc, but it is not the end-all-be-all of the upcoming campaign.

Bluesky Vale is a bustling little artist’s community. Founded by a legendary bard, the town his home to a legendary school of the arts and is renowned for the many splendid paintings, sculptures, and songs of its inhabitants. Nestled against the shores of Lake Iriel, Bluesky Vale is an idyllic and peaceful community.

However, what secures that peace is truly unique. Resting in the center of town is a magically preserved blue dragon egg – the scion of the ruthless blue, Shassurtha, that lays claim to the Three-Spear Peaks a few days north of town. Fear of this egg being destroyed has not only kept the dragon from destroying the town, but has also held in check kobolds, bandits, and other monstrosities from savaging the village for fear of attracting the mighty Blue’s wrath.

But things are about to change.

A village rapscallion with dreams of grandeur has cut a bargain with the mighty Shassurtha for a legendary item that will win him respect and fame. All he has to do is steal the egg for her . . .

Tomorrow I will go into the backstory of the town a bit more and the adventure synopsis. After that, I’ll start tying it into the main campaign arc and populating our lovely homebase for the PCs.

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