Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Game Darkly, Savagely, or Mutantly? Or All Three

I am gaming like its 1997!
By that I mean, I am playing in a game of Vampire: The Masquerade, and I have a tattered copy of the Shadowrun rules (2e) sitting on the nightstand beside my bed.
I’ve not yet tackled the Shadowrun book (though I do have many warm memories of playing it back in the day) as I’ve been absorbed by the Vampire stuff. I forgot how solid the story was that supported the game. I know the whole Caine, generation, Gehenna – thing wore some gamers out after awhile, but I still have fond memories of it . . . so much so that I bought the new World of Darkness rulebook and Vampire: The Requiem.
More on that in a second  . . .
But why the sudden rush of nostalgia.
Well, first off it is not nostalgia. It is the search for a better, or at least different, game than the iterations of D&D I’ve been playing regularly for the last bit. I love Pathfinder, and I love 4e – but the heart wants what the heart wants. And mine wants something different, something new, something I’ve yet to fully test out.
That has led me to 3 games:
- New World of Darkness – I am/was an avid fan of the The Masquerade, and as such swallowing The Requiem’s more toolkit approach has taken some getting used to. That said, I see opportunities for great, dark, gritty games. Also, considering Mage: The Awakening and Hunter: The Vigil . . .
- Savage Worlds - I am far too ignorant about this system. I’ve just recently started researching it a bit, and will likely be purchasing the Explorer’s Edition book soon. I’ve got hot ideas of running a Dark Sun campaign with this system.
- Mutants & Masterminds – One of my favorite gaming systems out there. I’ve never run with it my gaming friends though – it has always been online or one-shots with other people. Superhero games can be difficult to pull off in my experience, but this system is so vibrant it begs to be given another shot.

Anyways, right now I am ‘preparing’ a Requiem game set in Detroit. I am about 50/50 on running a Masquerade campaign (Camarilla, Sabbat) using the new rules and just running a game that cleaves more to Requiem’s suggested content.
The decision has been difficult and I am going to pose it to my player’s on Thursday during our Pathfinder game. On one hand we all love the Caine story, the Camarilla vs. Sabbat action – but Requiem is very open to such playstyles too, though it loses important things like, oh, the Tremere clan . . .
Anyways, I am posting to warn those who read this blog (and its occasional updates) that my posts will be shying away from D&D for the foreseeable future to focus on these systems.
Hopefully this week I will detail my plans for Detroit by Night . . . .

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