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Game Night #2 ~ Monkey Business

Session 2: “Monkey Business”
(Running Paizo Publishing’s AP: Curse of the Crimson Throne #1: Edge of Anarchy)

Pint Hornswaggle – Halfling Rogue/Wizard 1/1
Imilio Phillips – Human Cleric [Cayden Cailean] 2
Smog Whisprunner – Human Spell-less Ranger 2
Beebop – Gnome Summoner 2

Finding Zellara’s head amongst Lamm’s other ‘keepsakes’ immediately introduced a round of speculation amongst the PCs. The most common conjecture was that some woman in disguise or illusion had hired manipulated them into killing Lamm . . . but they didn’t know why.

Torn between storming back to Zellara’s and confronting the traitor or returning the most important piece of the wealth they found, the Queen’s brooch, the PCs opted for answers first and money second.

Emerging from the filth of the old fishery, the PCs were nearly overwhelmed by the chaos that tumbled down the avenues and alleyways of Korvosa. Buildings burned, mobs chanted, and guards, Hellknights1, and Sable Company members2, strove to limit the rioting. 

In the hour it had taken the PCs to rid the world of Gaedren Lamm, the King of Korvosa had passed.

Shouts ranged from doing away with the harlot queen, to calling for a return to Cheliax3 . . . all in all, the city was not handling the news well, and they definitely not handling themselves in any orderly manner.

This was driven home as the PCs approached Zellara’s. A young foppish noble was cornered by a half-dozen dockhands. The laborers swung clubs at him and with each increasing yell and swing their bloodlust increased.

The PCs, showing some measure of restraint4, managed to intimidate the upset workers into a retreat, but not before drawing scowl’s from the group and accusations of being Queen’s men. The noble, one Amin Jalento, thanks the PCs profusely and gives them 5 platinum as a show of his gratitude.

The PCs wind their way through the streets a bit more, asking for info about the King’s death (heart failure or assassination, the rumors run rampant) and helping out where they can.

When they arrive at Zellara’s, she is waiting and tells them the truth the instant they show up.

“I’m a ghost.” The news is a bit of a revelation to say the least, but she explains she thought that sympathy was the best way to get their help. The PCs take it in stride; the whole night is full of odd portents they decide. Before she disappears, Zellara promises to keep an eye on the players and assist them as she can.

The PCs hole up over night and hope the rioting dies down.

Before visiting the Queen to return her brooch, the PCs sell off some of their items. Along the way they meet Grau, a guard so drunk he’s mistaken Smog for a friend. After settling this confusion, the PCs help the young man get back to his station, but also learn of a love triangle involving Grau, Sabina (the as-of-yet unmet bodyguard to the Queen), and an unnamed 3rd person.

The PCs pawn what items they can, but it is tough going as the riot has caused most vendors to close shops. Though the immediate chaos begins to dwindle by nightfall, the PCs still spend most of the day at the stores.


After arranging a meeting with Queen Ileosa, the PCs show up to her audience hall. Sabina expresses her gratitude on behalf of the queen and praises the group as heroes . . . immediately leading Imilio to flirt with her. She rebuffs him quite rudely.

As the meeting goes on with the stunningly beautiful queen, she thanks the PCs and asks for their help during these troubled times. Smitten by both her good looks and the 1200 gold pieces she’s just given them, they immediately agree to be of aid.

Again, Imilio flirts with her5 . . . the Queen whose husband passed the night before. She ignores the invitation and leaves the PCs with Sabina to work out the details of what needs to be done. Sabina is kind at first, making sure the PCs are comfortable before assigning them to Citadel Volshyenek to work under Field Marshall Cressida Kroft.

However, before they leave, Sabina turns to the gnome and all of her affected charm disappears as she leans in closely and says, “If you do not bow in the presence of the Queen next time, I shall immediately slice the hamstrings that allow your child-sized legs to bend.”

Refusing to bow to such intimidation, the PCs let Sabina in on the fact they know about her Grau . . . to which she gives little concern and ushers them out. Their relationship is cool, icy even as they part ways.


As the PCs make their way to the Citadel they are interrupted by the body of a guard flying past them and smashing into a fruit stand.


With a small crowd running from a pair of escaped apes, the PCs jump into the rescue. Despite Imilio dropping an obscuring mist that hindered the PCs more than the apes, the PCs made short work of the rampaging monkeys thanks to a peppering of arrows and Rocksteady’s ability to hold the frontline.


As our session ended the PCs spoke with Cressida Kroft, beautiful7, if tired woman, who was friendly to the PCs and glad to have them aboard.
“Adventurers are just what I need right now. My guards are stretched thin, and if you’re up to it, I’ve got more than enough work for you.”
With the promise of room and board at a local tavern and steady, payment (they’d seen how the crown paid once already), the PCs readily agreed.

“Good. How do you feel about hunting down a traitor?”

And so session 2 ended ---

One thing I need to mention though is that during this session the PCs met:

1. Queen Ileosa, ruler of the city.
2. Sabina, Queen’s bodyguard and leader of the Palace forces
3. Field Marshall Kroft, a general-type in charge of overseeing the forces that keep the city safe.

Smog linked these together and tried to sell the group on the idea that some Amazonian plot was afoot . . . they ignored him. Hilarious.

1 – Hellknights are mercenaries belonging to the Order of the Nail. They’ve been hired on by the crown to keep things flowing smoothly in the city; however, they hold the letter of the law with unyielding strictness and most live in fear of them.
2 – The Sable Company is Korvosa’s elite military unit – a group of well-trained griffon riders.
3 – Cheliax is the country to the south; they’ve a long history with Korvosa, and most Korvosans have some measure of Chelaxian blood.
4 – My player’s are definitely more kill first then ask questions.
5 – This should go without saying . . . when Imilio talks to a woman he is flirting. So far in the campaign he is 0/3, but stay posted . . .
6 – Instead of two escaped Apes, the encounter as written included an otyugh rising up from the sewers. Otyughs get enough play later in this AP, so I wanted to have something fun and goofy . . . the whole night was kind of a goofy night, and this combat was the only one that escalated.
7 – Yes, Imilio flirted with her. You should know this by now.

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